Server Downtime - August 10, 2017




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    Wayne Rowlson

    Hi I have tried to access calm and it has jumped 4 days, how can I reset to get these days back, I understand your having problems but not very happy with losing these days many thanks

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    Hey Layna, Why don’t you guys send out a heads up when you do this so your paid subscribers don’t spend hours deleting, reloading, shutting down and restarting, etc.? Have a heart.


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    Layna Smith

    @Tenniswest, thank you for the feedback! This has been a learning experience for us, and we're working on stability improvements to prevent this from happening again. We did not anticipate these problems, but we're doing our best to keep everyone updated as we work through this. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    @WayneRowlson, please email and we'd be happy to assist!


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